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Streetlight Request at 156 Longwood Ave, Brookline
Opened about 3 hours ago - Request # 16817 via iPhone
Streetlight Request at N42.34 E71.14
On the pole with Private Way sign. LED street light has been out for sometime
Opened about 5 hours ago - Request # 16816 via Android
Damaged Sign
Damaged Sign Request at N42.33 E71.12
Damaged pedestrian crossing sign
Opened about 12 hours ago - Request # 16815 via Android
Streetlight Request at 75-87 Harvard St, Brookline
Crosswalk button does not work.
Opened 1 day ago - Request # 16812 via iPhone
Streetlight Request at 2-134 School St, Brookline
The crosswalk light at the NE/SE corner of School and Washington streets in front of the Libary/statue has been out for several days. I hope you fix this as it is a school crosswalk. Thanks!
Opened 1 day ago - Request # 16811 via Web
Broken Parking Meter
Broken Parking Meter Request at 333 Washington St, Brookline
3026 - JAMMED
Opened 1 day ago - Request # 16810 via Web
Pothole Request at Thornton Rd, Chestnut Hill
Please smooth out the edges lining the brick walkways (the part that gets driven over) on Thornton Rd. Driving over them with a car sounds like you are driving over large potholes, and can be very damaging to suspension/tires/rims. There ...
Closed 1 day ago - Request # 16804 via Web
Pothole Request at 1292-1308 Beacon St, Brookline
Garbage can is full
Closed 1 day ago - Request # 16807 via iPhone
Sidewalk Obstruction/Repair
Sidewalk Obstruction/Repair Request at 382 Walnut St, Brookline
There is a dangling rusty wire hanging off of a telephone pole in this area (in front of the church). My dog got tangled up in it yesterday and it really needs to be removed. It has been like this for a couple of years now.
Opened 1 day ago - Request # 16809 via Web
Park Playground Equipment
Park Playground Equipment Request at 42.33N 71.13W
Dana he's protective flooring at Clark Playground. Cement exposed too.
Opened 2 days ago - Request # 16806 via iPhone

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